Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the 9th annual Pig & Whiskey! Volunteers are truly the backbone of any event and your support is greatly appreciated. 

Working in the pouring tents is a lot of fun and we are hoping that you are able to raise some great tips to go towards your fundraising initiatives! Please be sure to share this with all of your volunteer.

I have gone ahead and outlined some information about the tents and tips for pouring/serving alcohol.



2019 marks NINE glorious years of Pig & Whiskey. Year after year, the event gets kicked up a notch. Pig & Whiskey is a FREE ENTRY festival featuring vendors, dozens of live bands from local and national platforms, 15+ unique BBQ restaurants/pop-ups/food trucks, over 30 top notch craft beers, and over 100 different offerings of whiskey, bourbon, and scotch (also vodka, gin, and rum for everyone else).

In 2018 we had over 100,000 festival-goers at Pig & Whiskey and we are expecting even more this year.


With over 30 craft beers and over 100 varieties of spirits, we rely on good, quality people to greet and pour beverages for the event-goers. Volunteers are essential to make Pig & Whiskey work. Sure, there are hundreds of volunteers that want to be part of the event, but we opt to work directly with NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. Not only can a non-profit assemble a reliable group, but we want to make sure that our local events also support the people in our community.

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS pouring at Pig & Whiskey get to spread their message and collect tips from the gracious festival-goers. Your group gets to keep the tips from your weekend of hard work and apply them directly to your cause.

Over the last eight years, Pig & Whiskey has helped volunteer NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS raise TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.


  • We are huge advocates of NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS wearing attire that promotes their group. We do not force you to wear Pig & Whiskey shirts.

  • Comfortable closed toed shoes.

  • Pig & Whiskey is in the middle of July, so prepare for 90 degree weather.

  • Purses and other valuable items should be stored in a secured area.

    • P&W is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items


Please feel free to bring signage to display around the tent to promote your organization. Festival-goers respond well to business cards, pamphlets, buttons, stickers, etc.

  • Please respect the sponsors display. The area should still obviously be a WHISKEY/BEER pouring station.

  • Pig & Whiskey management may request removal of displays/posters that overshadow the sponsor/product..

Outgoing groups ALWAYS receive more tips. Let people know what their tips are going to.

  • It is best to have a few one-liners prepared for all of your volunteers.

Let people know that their tips are going to support YOUR ORGANIZATION/CAUSE. Please bring tip jars and feel free to decorate those as well (e.g. Thank you for supporting“ORGANIZATION NAME”, etc.). Please be advised to not leave your tip jar too full and to have a designated person periodically taking the money out and putting it in a safe place. When you turn your back, someone can easily snatch a tip jar (intoxication is always a wildcard, though don’t stress much as we’ve never had this scenario arise).

SHIFTS: (This may vary based on your organizers schedule)

  • Friday (Festival Run Time 6pm-12am)

    • Shift : 5:30pm (brief training)-12:30am (minor breakdown)

  • Saturday (Festival Run Time 11am-12am)

    • Shift 1 : 10:30am (brief training)-6pm (minor breakdown)

    • Shift 2 : 5:30pm (brief training)-12:30am (minor breakdown)

  • Sunday (Festival Run Time 11am-11pm)

    • Shift 1 : 10:30am (brief training)-5pm (minor breakdown)

    • Shift 2 : 4:30pm (brief training)-10:30pm (minor breakdown)

Alcohol Serving HourS:

Schedules are made so that volunteers will arrive 30 minutes prior to pouring time in order to get acclimated and receive a quick tutorial on what to do. We need to ensure a MINIMAL wastage of product, as it is EXPENSIVE and a major revenue source for the festival.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Ticket sales will end at 11:30pm and last call will be at 11:45pm, with closing at 12am.
SUNDAY: Ticket sales will end at 10:30pm and last call will be at 10:45pm, with closing at 11pm.


There will 100% be power for tent lighting. Outlets may be available based on locations, but phone charging may prove difficult and cannot be guaranteed. We highly recommend portable personal chargers, if needed.


During the afternoons, we will have wristbands for volunteers, which will allow VIP access to the Loving Touch which will have glorious air conditioning, clean restrooms, and occasional food offerings. Please inquire with your P&W Volunteer Captain.


Beer & Cocktail

  • Each drink ticket is worth $2.

  • Each drink equals 1-­6 TICKETS.

  • Please make sure you are giving the guest a proper pour.

    • Beer: You will be shown how to properly pour beer. Event CAPTAINS will be on-site to change kegs as needed.

    • Whiskey Tasting: It is important to not over pour. You will be provided with measuring devices to ensure a proper pour every single time. Over pouring will not be tolerated.

    • Cocktails: Some of the cocktails are pre-batched in kegs. If someone requests "light ice", that does not mean an extra large pour.

  • We are not expecting festival-­goers to become so drunk that we need to cut them off, but be aware. If you feel someone is too intoxicated, feel free to say no or get a tent manager or security guard to assess the situation.

    • Rude, drunken behavior will not be tolerated and you do not need to deal with anyone being unruly.

  • Each table will have a different selection of beer, liquor, or mixed beverages. You will be provided with a description of each variation so that you can help guide festival­-goers through their tasting experience. Some tables may even have a direct liquor representative on sight to speak with the festival­-goers.


  • Every tent will also be equipped with soft drinks such as WATER, soda, or energy drinks.

  • FREE WATER will be available for all in the LIBRARY COURTYARD and the LAGUNITAS TRAILER.

  • Please remember to eat and hydrate. We recommend bringing a water bottle and a light snack.

  • Bathrooms: There is an VIP bathroom inside of the Loving Touch.

  • Please do not bring valuables and pack your purses lightly, as there isn’t an ideal spot for storage.

  • If a friend, spouse, etc., comes to visit, please step out from behind the table. Only people working inside the tents are allowed behind the tables.

  • Supplies (cups, ice, waste bins, etc) will be provided and maintained by festival management and Captains. Feel free to flag down a Manager or Captain if you require assistance.




  1. Tito's

  2. Hendricks

  3. Tully

  4. Rebel Yell

  5. Woodford

  6. High West

  7. Jack Bar

  8. Jack Trailer

  9. Dogfish Head

  10. WAB/BNektar

  11. Twisted Tea

  12. Beer Cans 01

  13. Beer Cans 02

  14. Cocktail Corner

  15. Bulleit 01

  16. Bulleit 02

  17. Old Nation

  18. Griffin Claw

  19. Banfi Wine


  21. PORT

  22. Sam Adams

  23. Craft Draft (Library)

  24. Angry Orchard

  25. Lagunitas

  26. Tito's 2

  27. Jack 01

  28. Jack 2

  29. Mule Station

  30. Tecate

  31. Lagunitas

  32. Boulevard

  33. Beer Cans 03

  34. WAB

  35. SHORTS 01

  36. SHORT 02

  37. VIP High End

  38. whiskey row

  39. whiskey row

  40. whiskey row

  41. whiskey row
    41-B. Monkey Shoulder

  42. whiskey row

  43. whiskey row

  44. whiskey row

  45. whiskey row

  46. whiskey row

  47. whiskey row

  48. whiskey row

  49. whiskey row

  50. whiskey row

  51. whiskey row

  52. whiskey row

Zoom in to see public parking, event entry, and pouring locations.

Yup! That's FIFTY-TWO pouring locations at the 2019 Pig & Whiskey!



PIG & WHISKEY abides by all laws and requirements of the MLCC (Michigan Liquor Control Commission). While pouring and receiving tips is a great opportunity, it is also a massive responsibility. PIG & WHISKEY management will be on-site to make sure that we are following all of the necessary rules and guidelines. If you have volunteered in previous years, please note that some of these guidelines are new or updated. Below are some major legal notices on behalf of the MLCC.

These are the most important takeaways. Any individual and/or organization that does not follow the necessary rules will be removed immediately and not invited to partake in future events. This is to protect your organization and the event.

  1. Alcohol may only be served to festival-goers that are 21 years of age or older. 21 and up festival-goers will be indicated by a specific hand stamp. ALWAYS look for the hand stamp before pouring any alcohol.

    • An individual can be visibly 60 years old, but if they do not have a hand stamp, they must be directed to the nearest ticket booth to get ID'd and stamped.

  2. Alcohol can only be given in exchange for official PIG & WHISKEY drink tickets. NO cash, tips, or trades may be exchanged for alcohol.

    • People will absolutely try to bypass the tickets. This is not legal via the MLCC. Simply direct them to the nearest ticket booth in order to acquire tickets with cash or credit.

    • Vendors may try to "TRADE" with you. This is unacceptable and not legal. If you are propositioned by a vendor, please let your tent manager or PIG & WHISKEY management know.

  3. Liquor is to be monitored by specific measuring utensils. Automatic pour spouts and measuring jiggers will be provided by PIG & WHISKEY to ensure proper liquor pours are being given out.

    • Be prepared for people to ask you to "pour a little extra". To do so is actually against the law. A quick response such as "We are unable to do that. If you would like an additional sampling it will be X tickets." will usually squash the request.

  4. Volunteers and PIG & WHISKEY management are the only people permitted to pour alcohol.

    • Certain pouring stations will have brand representatives or models present at certain times. Brand representatives or models are allowed to promote their product but they legally CANNOT pour or give away any product. If you experience any questionable activity from an outside sales person, please let your TENT MANAGER or PIG & WHISKEY MANAGEMENT know immediately and their brand will be shut down and removed from festival grounds.



Our volunteers are a key attribute to the festival and to our patrons; you are instrumental in setting the friendly vibe that keeps people coming back. As such, we ask that volunteers maintain a friendly, civil, and welcoming demeanor at all times.

We also ask that all volunteers report for work on time, dressed appropriately, and free of the influence of alcohol or other substances. Here is a complete list of volunteer rules and expectations:


  1. If you choose to help as a server for the event, we require that you attend a training class 30 minutes prior to your shift or contact your organizations Volunteer Coordinator to plan alternate training.

  2. You must have the ability to work well with a variety of other people including Pig & Whiskey staff, other volunteers and festival attendees.

  3. Give us your best effort and perform quality work – stay on task.

  4. Wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. Close-toed shoes are required.

  5. Maintain excellent housekeeping, help remove rubbish and leave area clean for the next shift.

  6. Respect the brands and sponsors. If your organizations display is too much, Pig & Whiskey management will politely request the removal of certain displays / marketing materials.

  7. If you have complaints, issues and/or questions about any volunteer’s actions or decisions, please direct your concern to your volunteer coordinator and they will work with Pig & Whiskey management to help resolve the situation.

  8. Volunteers will have the ability to sample the beverages they are serving, however volunteers are required to stay sober during their shift.

  9. Volunteers that abuse their access to tickets/alcohol will be asked to leave and can affect an organization's ability to pour at future events.


So, that's it! :)
If there are any questions or concerns throughout the entire event, we will have Festival Managers and Captains available to help.
Thank you again for participating at the 9th Annual PIG & WHISKEY! I hope you have a fabulous time and raise lots of money!!!


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