Hello again artists and makers!

We have several opportunities to be featured on the news. Please let us know if you are interested. More opportunities arise and we will keep you posted. For now there are 2 choices.

First: In studio on air segment on Fox2. Unfortunately, we do not have a date yet! The producers want the featured artist to demonstrate something. So you would be showing off your work but also doing a short, hands on demo. This is usually an early morning segment. A great opportunity to get the word out to a ton of people. It re-airs again and is on their website for sharing.

Second: We have 3 live remotes on site on Sunday morning of the event (it’s usually early!) The crew comes to your tent and interviews you & shows off your amazing work! It’s early, but its quick, fun and a ton of exposure.

Qualifications for above:

—Absolute dependability is paramount. There can NOT be any last minute cancellations.

—A sunny personality and good communication skills.

Let us know your interest by filling out this short form.