Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers are proud to be back as the Title Sponsor at the 2018 DIY Street Fair!


To call yourself a do-it-yourselfer you need a certain creative mentality and a drive to get
things done. Just as you might channel that creative energy into projects you are
passionate about, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers channel their creative horsepower
into supporting local organizations and events, like the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale.

As a group of 38 local Chevrolet dealerships, your Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers (MDCD)
work together to give back to the community they serve. In fact, a percentage of every
car sold from each of the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers helps support organizations that
are doing great things for the community.

When the MDCD learned about the DIY Street Fair six years ago, they saw a local event
promoting the kind of people and programs they support every year; ones that are
creative and passionate about doing great work in metro Detroit. Since then, your Metro
Detroit Chevy Dealers have continued to support that creative energy year after year.

Whether they’re supporting the DIY Street Fair, Gamers Outreach, Shades of Pink, the
Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans, The Bottomless Toy Chest or one of
many other great organizations, the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers purpose is to support
people that are doing something good for the community.

On behalf of the DIY Street Fair and the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers, you’re invited to
check out all of the great things metro Detroit’s local artists and artisans have to offer
during this special weekend in Ferndale. Whether you’re interested in beautiful,
handcrafted pieces of art, great concerts, a game of cornhole or just want to spend a day
enjoying a locally owned and operated festival, there’s something for everyone at the
DIY Street Fair.

We look forward to meeting you.