The DIY Street Fair is juried by the DIY Street Fair artistic team, who reviews applications thoughtfully and carefully.  Please know that our space is extremely limited and we are looking for the absolute best representations of the DIY spirit, movement, ethic, practices and aesthetic.  Artisans and makers are chosen based on a number of criteria, including the following...

  • Your offerings are original, inspired, cohesive, have a consistent aesthetic and are hand crafted by you. It’s the title of our event!

  • You must provide clear examples of your work in your application to be considered. A photo of your booth set up is always a plus.

  • Your work should have the lowest possible percentage of non-mass produced offerings to be considered. Eco-friendly practices and production materials are consistent with the DIYSF ethic and we are especially mindful of those offerings.

  • The average price of your items should fall within what is typical at the DIY Street Fair, with the majority of prices typically ranging between $1 - $250.

What is NOT accepted:

  • NEW: Collectives—all applications must represent the work of one artist or collaborators for single pieces (ie. one person threw the pot, the other glazed it). Applications representing multiple artists and/or collections are no longer accepted (ie stores selling work of many artists). If you have questions, please email before you submit your application.

  • We love vintage! However, curating a great collection is not what we are looking for at DIYSF. Items must be changed and remade into something new and unique. For example, a vintage dress is made into a cool bag.

  • Beverage & food items for human consumption on site.

We love the artists at DIYSF and do our best to treat all with kindness and respect.  Please know that past participation does not guarantee future acceptance.  This event prides itself on keeping current and fresh.  Guests come to expect some old favorites, but also new offerings.  We do our best to have a good mix of both and appreciate your understanding.


We have showcased countless clever offerings in the following categories:

fine art, contemporary art, folk art, graffiti art, drawing, painting, illustrations, poster art, sculpture, printmaking, photography, crafts, decorative arts, knitting/crochet/macrame, jewelry, pottery, ceramics, original fashion, woodworking, furniture, home goods, metalsmithing, glass work, original leather goods, masks, holiday themed decor, bath AND body, candles, pet supplies, authors, henna, caricature artists, graphic art, mosaics, ADORNMENTS, paper goods, novelties AND SO MANY OTHERS. 

We're always excited to add new categories to this list!  If you feel that you've got the goods, please apply!  


SEPTEMBER 20-22, 2019

Thurs Sept 19:  Artist load in

Friday Sept 20:   6pm - Midnight

Sat  Sept 21: -  11am - Midnight

Sun Sept 22:  11am - 11pm


The DIY Street Fair is located in Ferndale, Michigan.  We're on the East Side of Woodward Avenue between East 9 Mile Rd and East Troy Street.  Behind Woodward Avenue Brewers and The Emory.  



Approximately 75,000 people attend our unique 3-day, free event.

There are approximately 145 artist booths.



This fee is non-refundable.  Please note that your application will not be considered without paid fee.  

Booth Sharing:  A separate application and app fee is required for each artist/company, even when interested in sharing a booth



$425    Accepted artists with booth fees paid in full by June 30.  Add $50 for accepted artists with booth fees paid by July 25.

Included in booth fee is:

  • 10' x 10' Vendor Space

Please note that artist is to provide their own 10x10 tent with mandatory weights (minimum 40 pound, non staked weights) securely attached to each side (4).  DIYSF is not responsible for damage to tent, displays, artwork or personal belongings.

In the past, DIYSF provided tents.  Unfortunately, no tent company has ever been satisfactory in providing what we feel is the appropriate quality product and service.  No other art fair provides tents and after 10 years, we finally realize that we have to accept this fact...that it is too much of a job for any tent company to handle in an appropriate way.  A quality event run with integrity is of utmost importance to us. This was not a small decision for us.  We appreciate your understanding. 

  • Electricity (see POWER page and FAQ's for details)



  • $1,000 in cash prizes! (see below for details)

  • Vehicle loading and unloading at booth space

  • VIP lounge access with restroom facilities

  • 24 hour security



Prize judging will occur on Friday, Sept 20 through Saturday Sept 21.  Our independent jury is comprised of arts professionals, exhibitor peers and experienced show coordinators.  Decisions of the independent jury panel are final.  Notification of prize awards will be Sunday, Sept 22 with prize money presented at close of show.  


  • Best of Show 2D: $250

  • Best of Show 3D: $250

  • WABbie Award: $100

    • The "Golden Growler" goes to the artist whose work has that extra "something". Creative spirit, innovation and general chutzpah in art and presentation that embodies the DIY Street Fair ethic and sensibility.

  • People's Choice Award:

    • First Place: $250

    • Second Place: $100

    • Third Place: $50



After acceptance, Artists and Makers will have opportunity to purchase optional amenities:

  • Pick booth location

  • Corner booth option



  • FEB 15 - MAY 31:  Applications open.

  • JUNE 5-6:  Acceptance letters and notifications sent.

  • JUNE 30:  Payment of booth fee due in full for regular rate.

  • JULY 25:  Final chance for payment of booth fee due in full for late rate  (add $50).

  • JULY 31:  Deadline to cancel and receive refund (less $50 admin fee).

  • SEPT 19: Artist load in

  • SEPT 20-22: The 12th Annual DIY Street Fair!


You've got questions, we've got ANSWERS.


We often hear from vendors who travel the country that the DIY Street Fair is their favorite event and it's the most well run.  We think it's because we care about our vendors.  We respect your work and why you are here.  We also ask that you respect our rules and standards to help ensure a smooth, enjoyable and successful event.  Please read our rules so that you know what is expected BEFORE you apply.  CLICK HERE.  



“Overall the communication and organization of DIY is excellent. We do many pop up events / festivals and feel DIY is 1 of the top events we participate in! We increased our #s substantially over last year. Record high (sales).” -S.M.

“The staff was amazing, and the overall vibe of the event was so welcoming and fun. I had such an amazing weekend.” -S.R.

“Great sales, great conversations.  I just think guys put together the greatest show of its kind and we love being a part of it. -M.S.

“Thanks again SO much for a fantastic show — this year was my all-time best show sales ever. Amazing!” -N.R.

“You can tell that you all have this down to a science. Load in and out went incredibly smoothly (even with the wind). My sales were excellent and the people who came to shop and celebrate were a delight!” -A.R.

I appreciate all you do. As an "art gypsy" I travel and participate in about 37 shows a year. DIY Ferndale is my favorite each season ♡ Thank you for the opportunity to show my work. Your event has helped me build my fan base and expose tons of new people to my weird little world. -A.O.

“The crowd was the most excited and friendly crowd we dealt with all year which makes it such a positive experience across the board for us. Load in and out went smoothly and your team is always super nice and helpful when needed. “ -L.O.

"This show has not only been very profitable to my business, but I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You have been the ideal promoter in making your information clear and also making yourself available for answers to questions, solving any issues and pointing out the amenities available for your vendors." -Joyce R


"As I sit half dead, feet screaming in my very boring cubical this morning I cannot help but reflect on an absolutely amazing weekend. It was truly an awesome experience as a vendor. I cannot thank you and your entire crew enough for putting on one of the most vendor friendly events we've attended."  -Matt  


"I had an amazingly awesome experience from the moment I got there to set up! Everything was extremely well organized and managed." -Rachel W


"I just wanted to thank you for putting on this amazing event. It was an absolutely incredible event and I will continue to be a part of it for as long as you will have me. Again thank you so much to everyone involved with the planning and execution of this event I had an awesome weekend!"  -Renee A


"Amazing job this year-everything was super organized and well run. Your hard work is much appreciated!" -Jennifer Z


"Thank you for having me! I had a great show and made some amazing contacts this weekend. Load in and load out both went super smoothly for me, I was very happy with the show and hope to be a part of it again next year!" -Mary P


"I really appreciate how well (load in) was planned out and how you didn't have everyone rushing in to set up at once. Brilliant! The pull up to your tent was great and the easy access to our power is fantastic. I have done quite a few other shows and none have been this well thought out." -Lauren C



pick me, pick me!


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